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Tired of painful toes? Introducing our Bunion Corrector. Perfect for overlapping, rubbing together toes, chilblains and protection for the "lump" of the toe. The FlyStep™ - Bunion Corrector immediately prevents the pain and also corrects the toe in the process. The toe spreader can be used in any shoe!

4 Benefits of FlyStep™ - Bunion Corrector

  1. PAIN RELIEF & PROTECTION: The most highly regarded and credible orthopaedic surgeons of this world have recommended the most suitable way of reversing hallux valgus is to use support braces.

  2. A COMPLETE KIT FOR DAY AND NIGHT USE: The bunion corrector sometimes referred to the hallux valgus corrector includes 2x bunion splints and 2x big toe gel straighteners with a free bunion relief guide.

  3. PREVENT WORSENING OF BUNIONS & REOCCURANCE POST SURGERY: The most reliable and frequently used method in straighten bunions is to use splits or braces, our perfectly crafted bunion corrector will prevent the worsening of bunions and will prevent reoccurrence surgery.

  4. FITS US FOOT SIZE 3 TO 12 & WITH ADJUSTABLE REALIGNMENT: When designing our bunion splits we looked at the current market of products, with many products not satisfying customers, we redesigned our own with adjustable straps to fit US foot sizes 3-12.

How is the FlyStep™ - Bunion Corrector Different?

We can go on and on about why our bunion correctors are the best (sorry we are a little cocky), but to put things in simple terms: 

The issue with most bunion correctors is that they don't actually provide you with support that will last you throughout your entire day.

FlyStep™ - Bunion Correctors were made with your needs in mind. Our whole design is tailored for you

This bunion corrector is specifically designed to soothe bunions and make our life more comfortable. Cushions and supports the bunion area so your steps can become pain free again.




- FREE Foot Pain Relief eBook with every purchase (valued at $49.95)


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