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New study proves that this One simple effortless practice relieves foot pain in minutes

Alexa Finnerty- 43 mins ago

Do you often find yourself dealing with chronic foot pain, whether it be in your heel, arch, ball of foot, or ankle? If so, you'll be shocked to learn that the cause of your foot pain, no matter the region, almost always comes from these same 3 sources. If each source is addressed properly, it can begin curing the pain instantly by simply abiding by this 1 easy to follow method.

These findings come here today directly after 32 years of clinical research conducted on over 11,000 patients suffering from minor to severe foot pain over that time frame. The research comes from the findings of 5 board certified foot and ankle surgeons analysis of thousands of patients treated successfully over those years to backtrack the original root cause of where each foot pain began, and the solution that cured them. This study dives into 95% of the most common foot and ankle conditions, and shows the proof of what it takes to reverse engineer the similarities that all foot pain have in common. This article will reveal the shocking findings that narrow down the cause of your foot pain to these 3 easily identifiable causations you are most likely doing, and show you how you can solve them by tomorrow. 

If you are suffering from foot pain then you know of the sharp tender pain that occurs in your foot. You know the feeling of taking your first step out of bed each morning and feeling like you are walking on a bed of butcher knives. You know the feeling of being sidelined from the activities you love most. Foot pain truly is an epidemic that is not talked about enough.

You know this pain far too well, but what you don’t know is what's causing it. The first thing you need to address is why is this pain occurring in the first place in order to cure it.

Finding #1: Your moving your foot Abnormally...

According to clinical research, 80% of the population does this and the scary thing is you probably don’t even realize you are doing it. What is it? The simple rolling of the foot inwards or in other cases outwards, is the leading cause of foot pain in the world, and it is known as over pronation. If you were to visit a podiatrist this would probably be the first thing they evaluate considering that 4 out of every 5 people on the planet do this! 

Ironically enough, as widespread this issue is, everyday shoes do absolutely nothing to combat the issue of over pronation. The sad thing is this is actually one of the most easily fixable problems. When not addressed, this excessive turning of the foot puts extra strain on key areas like the heel, arch, ankle, and achilles causing tightness and tearing which can lead to common conditions like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and so much more.

Finding #2: The arches of your foot do this...

If your feet ache after walking long distances or standing for many hours it most likely means that the arches of your feet are either too flat or too high. This is known as having flat feet, or high arched feet and up to 70% of people have one of the two. Having abnormal arches in your feet causes the distribution of your body weight to be unevenly scattered across the key pressure points of the foot. If nothing is done about it it can lead to more severe foot and ankle conditions that may need surgery if not addressed soon enough.

Finding #3: When you don't have proper support this happens...

This third issue is probably the easiest to understand, but hardest to address. When you stand, walk, run, or exercise you are putting pressure on your foot each movement you take. With each additional fragment of pressure added, you physically deteriorate your feet, joints and ligaments. This is usually unnoticeable at first, however, over time this deterioration compounds. Considering you probably have nothing in your shoes to absorb any of that pressure coming throughout the day, your foot pain occurs. The more shock and pressure the foot continues to absorb with no protection the worse the foot pain gets, and the worse the diagnosis ends up becoming.

Now, odds are you are unawarely committing at least 2 out of the 3 of cardinal foot pain sins. The good news? Through these studies we evaluated the treatment that yielded the best results across the board to directly combat these 3 causes of foot pain instantly. The results were staggering...

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A friend of mine referred me to a doctor he visited who he claimed relieved his plantar fasciitis in just 14 days. He explained to me that this doctor was called the Miracle Worker… He elaborated that the doctor was featured on ABC’s TV show the Miracle Worker which selects the best orthopedic doctor in each field, this doctor being chosen for the foot and ankle sector with a speciality in plantar fasciitis. Not to mention the doctor was an injury report analyst for ESPN, had over 30 years of experience, owned 15 medical practices, conducted his own surgery center, and had treated over 10,000 patients with the condition. So being desperate and borderline hopeless, this seemed like my best shot... 
He told me just use FlyStep orthotic inserts for just 14 days, as it had all of the proper components I needed to do this reverse engineering. After everything else I had tried over the years, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical. In fact, I pretty much dismissed this “treatment” right off the bat, it felt too good to be true. I took them home with the intention of letting them collect dust in the back of my closet.
However, the following day as I was getting dressed for another grueling day at work, I saw them sitting on the floor and decided, “what the heck.” I had nothing to lose except (hopefully) my foot pain, and I figured this would be better than having to pay thousands for expensive surgery with a low chance of success. So, I slipped them on, threw on my sneakers and headed out the door. 
"At first I did not believe special socks could make such a difference. But I was astounded when I tested out FlyStep Inserts myself and felt the difference the moment I put them on. These inserts are truly amazing!"

Teresa Gordon, Age 41
"Sometimes, just one simple decision can drastically change the course of your life. Literally, one click could be the difference between being able to do the things you love or being forced to miss out.

Are you ready to take the next step in walking and living pain-free?"

Alley Smith, Age 40
"I wouldn't have developed this patented material if not for my incredible and supportive family and humble beginnings that drove me to realize the importance of simply being able to walk without pain."

- Dr. Jonathan Cutler, ABC'S Hit TV show's Miracle Worker
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What happened over the next 14 days improved my quality of life. I kept a daily journal, and wrote down some notes on my progression while wearing these orthotics:
Day 1: Feels a bit odd, but by the end of the day they were hardly noticeable.
Day 2: Noticed I got a great night's sleep for the first time in a long time. I feel well-rested. Unsure if the orthotics are working?
Day 5: I have significantly more energy, a bounce in my step, and have been getting less back pain (still not sure if there is a correlation though). I’m getting used to wearing them. They feel much more comfortable now than the first day
Day 7:  I no longer feel the need for the daily Advil I was taking. The pain in my feet has subsided to just an occasional throb here and there, and I have been walking more. I’ve even noticed that I’m comfortable standing for longer periods of time.
Day 14: I’m standing taller and have next to no foot pain at all. I feel I have a clear mind, less back pain, and basically no foot pain. My husband is amazed by the transformation he’s seen in me, and says I look like I’m back in my college days. We’ve gone back to dancing and having more date nights. No more staying at home due to my pain. I am a believer!
My Thoughts On The FlyStep Inserts

"FlyStep Inserts are the real deal. The difference in my plantar fasciitis, foot pain, and ability to walk farther has been night and day...it was a little unbelievable to be honest. I need to order more of these for all my family before they are released into the stores. Incredible!"

- Thomas L.

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Whats incredible is that these same inserts that I used in office that cured my pain is actually available online for the first time ever - that is why I am honored to write this piece. The same doctor will explain to you the root cause of plantar fasciitis and why these inserts will relieve your pain, just like how he did to me in office, just without the expensive and timely visit!

Foot pain, no matter how much or how little it hurts, it sets a precedent for underlying health issues to come. You would think that orthotic inserts were for the elderly or just for athletes, but this is no longer the case. These inserts can help you - whatever the cause of your foot pain.

Last time I checked they were running low on stock. I would check here and see if they still have any available. If they do, I strongly suggest buying a few pairs at least to stick in all your shoes!

Good luck & happy feet!

After Wednesday, October 30th, this incredible offer will no longer be available!

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Inserts That Eliminates Pronation And Instantly Reduces Pain

Inserts That Eliminates Pronation And Instantly Reduces Pain

Inserts That Eliminates Pronation And Instantly Reduces Pain

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